Candle Scent Smells Christmas

 What candle scent smells like Christmas?

What are the most popular Christmas candle scents?

All your favorite seasonal scents are wrapped up into one in this classic holiday candle. It features a blend of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon with just a hint of vanilla and amber, and the candle is housed in a gold-accented glass vessel to complement your holiday decor.

candle scent smells like Christmas

"We typically associate balsam scents with the holidays—what could be more evocative of holiday memories than the scent of a visit to a snowy Christmas tree farm," says fragrance expert Aimee Majoros. In fact, the best-selling candle scents—not just during the holidays but overall year after year—are this type of classic Christmas tree fragrance, she says. Also popular? Gourmand scents are associated with traditional foods we share during the holidays—mulled wine, sugar cookies, cinnamon, and spices—since they add a feeling of warmth to any interior. "And berry-infused scents are festive yet unexpected, especially when berries are paired with green notes."

The first festive fragrance that every home should be imbued with during December is the fresh woody notes of pine needles and fir trees. We’ve rounded up all our favorite Christmas tree-inspired scents here so that you can get that “real tree” scent without any of the mess. Below are our top three most popular Xmas tree candles.

What does each scent smell like?

Smell Notes: "This veers wonderfully close to Christmas-tree-in-a-can smell, without the cloying air-freshener undertones," the tester notes. "It's familiar, friendly, and not overpowering, but just managed to pervade a decent-size bedroom, and was especially pleased to pass by in a small hall where it made a bigger impact."

On the other hand, if you like intense, moody scents, go for this one. It's smoky and intriguing, reminiscent of bonfire night and the crackling flames of your winter log fire. It's not out just yet, so sign up for the waiting list to be the first to nab one when it drops.

Gourmet – Those sweet fragrances that remind us of cakes. That smell of apple and cinnamon, those afternoons with a hot cup of chocolate and churros. Those fragrances that evoke familiarity, remind us of the family sharing a cake, children baking biscuits… It is the most homely aroma.

What are some possible candle-scented gifts?

I highly recommend Belle Fleur’s Exotic Wood – Neroli Pine candle, as an affordable luxury gift. Inspired by Bristlecone pine forest and a fresh morning in Rocky Mountain, this great product packed inside an elegant gift box represents a harmonious mix of fir balsam, Seville orange blossom, and wildflower honey fragrances. Another high-end product that can be a perfect gift is Votivo Icy Blue Pine Holiday Candle. 

Poured into a festive silver vessel and placed in a gift-ready box, this powerful blend of prickly pine scent, sweet and spicy cedar bark, and crumbles of crystallized ice cubes will create a wonderful winter adventure in your home. The quality-price ratio puts this candle among the best choices. We barely can imagine a single “best of” list without Nest candles. 

This time, we choose a Birchwood Pine Classic Candle, because of its unique flavors of white pine, fir balsam, and birchwood, over a base of rich musk and amber. On the other hand, Archipelago’s Birch Candle nicely combines an aroma of a freshly cut pine tree with a hint of sage. Superb burning time up to 90 hours and natural, eco-friendly materials are the best recommendations for one of Archipelago’s signature flavors.

candle-scented gifts

Scented candles specially created for winter days bring fresh aromas of evergreen forests into our homes, giving the inner space a great sense of aliveness and openness. Furthermore, their spicy notes are responsible for the calm and idyllic atmosphere that we all like to enjoy during charming holiday breaks. One of the best choices for these special moments is Thymes Wildwood Blue Spruce & Elderberry Candle, featuring a cool flavor of woods warmed by sparkling herbs and exotic spices. Poured into a stylish glass and packed in a beautifully decorated box, this affordable luxury seems like a perfect scented gift.

Do you have an empty candle jar tucked away in your cupboard? If so, you can give it new life this holiday season with a DIY candle kit. This particular kit offers scents of eucalyptus, balsam, and wild berries, and all you have to do is melt and pour the wax into a vessel of your choosing.

Christmas Jewelry Ring Candle for gift

Unique and stylish Christmas gift.

When it comes to good Christmas gift ideas for women, nothing beats a classic piece of jewelry she'll want to wear day in and day out. Enter this pretty 14K gold initial necklace. It'll become a timeless staple she'll love showing off time and time again. Necklace fragrant jewels vault.

From the practical and adorable to the whimsical and unexpected, this list has a little bit of everything. For a woman who likes to be cozy, indulge in her hobbies try something new, shop eco-friendly, or splurge on the luxurious, these Christmas gifts for women will make the perfect addition to her holiday season.

Christmas Jewelry Ring Candle for gift

One of the things I love about this candle is that the Etsy seller has included a little video on the listing showing you how to retrieve the jewelry and how it's wrapped! (Oh - and they have some delicious scents available. Which is always pretty handy when it comes to candles.)

A gift that will be used year-round.

The Best-Kept Secret Lip Kit from MAC is a holiday exclusive that comes in red or neutral tones. A lip pencil, lipstick, and gloss unite to keep lips luscious on Christmas Day and beyond. The set also comes with a zip pouch for easy storage.

Beats headphones are known for their incredible quality and sharp sound. If he's always on the move, a fitness bottle with a phone holder sleeve will make him happy on his next workout. Get more interesting details about men's gift ideas on candles with rings inside.

Shopping for a special lady this Christmas is an opportunity to show her you love and appreciate her! Whether she’s your mom, sister, girlfriend, best friend, or another woman you’d like to celebrate this December, this list of 65 Christmas gifts for women has something she’s sure to enjoy.

candles with rings inside

The candle is both practical and decorative.

Last but not least, we have these simple and elegant candles from Ice N Fire on Amazon. These come in such a vast range of scents that honestly sound delightful. If you're looking for a gift idea, maybe for an older person, I think these candles are definitely the way to go!

If you're looking to build up your candle collection, the Public Goods Lavender & Vanilla Soy Candle is a great place to start. This candle is budget-friendly and has two popular fragrance notes that will add a sense of warmth and relaxation to your space.

West Elm's Flickering Flameless Pillar Candle is a great option if you have pets or small children and want to avoid open flames. The LED light offers a warm glow that resembles a dancing flame, so you'll be able to enjoy the ambiance of a candle without worrying about it getting knocked over.


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